Attentionizing Viral Story Titles

One way to get people to notice, or "attentionize", a product quickly: bizarre, alarming, super memorable names, slogans, and titles.

Let's consider what makes a phrase stick in the mind of an audience.

One aspect of a memorable phrase is absurdity.

Would you be sorely tempted to read any of these stories, based solely on the ridiculous title?

Do any of these corny and crazy phrases compel you to think "What the….???"

Do any of them grab your attenion, make you want to at least read the opening sentences and paragraphs?

Even if just to see how the title could resolve itself within the narrative, at least what direction it might travel in?

Viral Story Titles:

(1) Head Amputation Made Me a Better Person…and Lover

(2) Why Air is Unnecessary

(3) 14 Albino Bats and Me. We Win the Lotto, and What Happens Next

(4) Sky Gazers: the hidden addiction

(5) The Haunted Toilet

(6) Ants on the Moon

(7) Invasion of the Mutated Space Junk Germs

(8) The Bottomless Hole in Ohio

(9) Creatures of the Upper Stratosphere

(10) How I Killed a Ghost and Where I Buried It

(11) The Sun Planet and Its Fire Birds

(12) Alien Age Reversal Ray

(14) Delicious Fish from Io Oceans

(15) 175 Trillion Years from Today: A Quick Tour

(16) Oneiric Technology: how to Record and Playback your Dreams

(17) Dream Video Analysis: how to interpret your sleep films

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