Connecting The Dots of Your Business

Have you ever tried connecting all the dots in your business? You might be astonished at the picture that results.

Let's now deconstructively approach a certified understanding of what I'm trying to mean and say: first, what <span style="font-weight: bold;">are</span> the "dots" we are being coached to connect?

Let this hot new article from <a href="">Fast PR</a> wiki, yes yet another one from your obsessive pal Vaspers, let it make your vision soar more.

The "dots" are those things that are happening around you:

<blockquote>* new projects of colleagues

  • local Rotary Club needing new speakers on fresh topics
  • a nephew or niece's untapped buzz-generating and artistic talents
  • a win-win business partnership potential sticking out "like a sore thumb"
  • a new blogocombat ally who voiced his testimony in support of your point
  • a blogger who blogrolled you and has professional training that you lack
  • a spouse or lover's untapped managerial or administrative skills
  • a frequent poster of comments on your blog who needs sidebar link buttons and other tools to promote you more
  • a local university professor who would love to be a registered contributor to your new wiki
  • a relative who served in Iraq and has stories to tell on ground command military PR and leadership principles
  • a neighbor who has musical talent you could use on a radio jingle
  • a grades school computer club seeking business sponsorship
  • retired executives whose anecdotes and insights indicate potential new bloggers in the making
  • a seminar you could hold that teaches children how to create and collaborate with blogs and wikis
  • opportunities to improve race relations through activist wikis of diversity and cooperation in ending racial bias

…the list goes on and on.

What is happening all around your little splotch of the universe? What dots could you connect to boost two or three, even seemingly unrelated events, to a higher and larger level?

Tying together multiple projects, events, and skills is one of the most profound secrets of Fast PR aka Viral Publicity.

I have said way too much.

Use your own creative powers to take this principle into your domain of life. See what happens. Tell me about it. Thanks. And strap that rollercoaster belt tight.

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